Southern Boobook Own sitting in the Sheoak treeBoxing Hares. Everybody was Kung Fu FightingThe Old Shepherds Hut in the Wastelands of South AustraliaEastern Barn Owl sitting in a Sheoak tree in deepest South AustraliaAustralian FarmersFields of Gold. The Aussie farmers are busy getting in their crop of BarleyHome amongst the Gum TreesAustralian HomesteadBlack Shouldered Kite sitting on a fence post eating a ratFeral Pigeon sitting in the fork of a Gum TreeThe Lonely Shepherds Hut. It was worth waiting for the lightDollY the Sheep that CAME TO STAYThe Fox is an introduced species in Australia and is considered a pest.Nankeen Kestrel feeding young with snakeNankeen Kestrel with YoungSunrise in the morning. It's a song !
G'Day !