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March 30th 1990

Qantas flight QF2 from London via Bangkok has just landed in Sydney. The arrival heralded for myself not only the end of a very long journey but also the beginning of a new life in an exciting land downunder.

On reaching immigration I waited in line until it was my turn to hand over my passport to the official in charge. His demeanor was calm and still. Only his eyes moved as his gaze shifted from the photo to my face and once more without expression to the photo again.

“I’ve had a haircut.” ¬†I offered.

Officialdom eventually satisfied my passport was matter of factly handed back to me.

“Welcome to Australia Sir! But why on earth do you want to come and live in this God forsaken place For?”

Ignoring that remark I smiled, took back my passport, collected my baggage and then skipped and danced through Arrivals and out into the welcoming embrace of my new home.
I remember saying to myself

“Yes Welcome to Australia indeed Sir!”


Dean first picked up a camera when he was barely 6 months old before his Father smiling, gently removed it from his mouth and placed it on the shelf out of harms reach. He has been interested in photography ever since.

From England he grew up in the Leicestershire town of Loughborough.
Loughborough famous for erm? Thinking thinking… Oh yes Loughborough famous because¬† Dean was born there and John Taylor the local bell foundry cast the Hells Bell for Aussie rockband AC/DC.
In 1990 he emigrated to Australia where he lived and worked in Sydney for fifteen years as a Video Systems and Broadcast Technician.

For the last seven years he and his partner have lived and worked in several remote outback areas of Australia including the Far North Flinders Ranges of South Australia and the Gulf region of Far North Queensland.

His camera never far from his hand or eye, Dean’s images capture the unique beauty and character of the English and Australian people and Landscape.
His work has been highly commended in many National and International photography competitions and several of his images have been published in National and International magazines.

He now lives in the beautiful and inspiring Mid North of South Australia with his partner and their mad but beautiful Labrador.
The natural beauty and environment of the area as well as the people continue to motivate and inspire his photographic work.




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