Close Encounters of a Purely Imaginary Kind

Okay so I have read the book and I’ve heard the stories of close encounters with UFO’s and aliens at our property and what Mr and Mrs Player may or not have seen back in the 1960’s.
Tall Stories ? Astounding Stories ? But wouldn’t it be brilliant if they were all true !
Anyway have a look at the image that my Raspberry Pi AllSky camera picked up last night. Can you see the EYEBALL !

Well if you can then you too have a good imagination and are probably as daft as I am.
The eyeball has been formed from either a globule of condensation on the plastic dome covering the lens or it’s a spray of male Kangaroo urine. There are a few big male Roos strutting around at the moment. It’s that time of the year. Run Girls Run !

Sadly the eye. It is just water.
But what do make of that swirling dark mass of Jedi Interceptors and I am sure that there are Klingons sitting on the Starboard Bow. ?
Can you see them too?

” Danger ! Danger ! Will Robinson. Is that a Messerschmidt 109 coming out of the sun. ”

It’s okay I’m alright. I was fast asleep dreaming whilst all this was going on up there.

I woke up this morning feeling as fresh as a daisy.
Then I remembered the events from last night.
Bloody Arsenal. Can’t stand them. It was at home too.


Last nights Time-lapse footage.

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