A pair of Boxing KangaroosA young Joey pos its's head from out of his Mothers Pouch and stares at the photographer.Big Daddy Male Eastern Grey KangarooA lone Kangaroo eating a blade of grass during a wonderful deep red sunset with a gum tree in the backgroundNative animals of Australia, A mother ad her joey hopping togetherKangaroo running through the morning dew creating a sprayA lone Kangaroo at sunrise. So serene.Female Kangaroo peering into her pouch to check on her young JoeyThe Flying Kangaroo, reminds me the Qantas logo.A mother and her young Joey sharing a loving tender moment togetherA tendser moment shared bertween a mother kangaroo and her young joey who can just about fit into her pouchimage of a Kangaroo that is glowingGoodbye Rooby Tuesday. Silhoutte of Kangaroo running through a break in the storm
G'Day !