South Australian Historical images now showing on the Electronic Mutoscope

 The Gale Brothers cordially invite you on a journey into the past with the amazing Electronic Mutoscope powered by a Raspberry Pi.


South Australian Historical images now showing on the Electronic Mutoscope powered by a Raspberry Pi and a little bit of imagination.

Raspberry Pi Mutoscope

 The Electronic Mutoscope.
A modern invention powered by the Raspberry Pi, designed to showcase South Australian history in a novel, interactive and fun way.



A Mutoscope I hear you ask “What’s that?” Well let me explain.

The Mutoscope was a very early motion picture machine first patented in 1894 and who knows may have provided just the inspiration that a very young John Logie Baird needed to later on in life invent something called Television.

The Mutoscope consisted of a roll of pictures that when turned by the viewer appeared to move.
True to human nature the Mutoscope quickly found its way into the peep show business and could also be found on Victorian seaside piers in England where titles such as “What the Butler Saw” became very popular.
The Electronic Mutoscope powered by the Raspberry Pi that I have invented is a variation on the early Mutoscope (minus the soft porn. It came from an idea that I had whilst trying to think of a use for a Raspberry Pi computer that my older brother had sent me months earlier from England.

Having recently moved into an old Homestead curiosity got the better of me and so I began to research the history of the house and local area. For help I joined the local history society.

The Burra History Society has a huge collection of donated historical images that are mostly either languishing on Hard Drives or can be viewed as photocopies in plastic folders. I wanted to show this wonderful Burra History Society collection of images to visitors at the Burra Town Hall in a far more exciting and interactive way.

It was back in May 2016 that I began to develop the idea of an Electronic Mutoscope and it helps when you have a big brother who is a retired Software Engineer because he wrote the code.
Ladies and Gentlemen let me take you on a journey, a peep show back to the past.
No Sauce, no What the Butler Saw, but Ladies and Gentlemen….

The Gale Brothers are proud to present to you… The Electronic Mutoscope now showing

“What the Burra Saw.”

Now showing on the Electronic Mutoscope.


Demonstrations by request.


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